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Wedding Gown Preservation

Your wedding gown should bring you memories to last a lifetime so don’t give stains such as perspiration and soda time to seep in. Wedding gown preservation is a specialized skill, which is why our staff learned only the finest stain-removal and spot-treatment methods for this fine garment cleaning.

We’re a leading wedding gown preservation company, so bring your dress into Colwick Cleaners as soon as possible after your big day for cleaning and pressing. The sleeves and bodice will be padded with acid-free tissue paper and then we’ll package your wedding gown in an heirloom box. This will keep it preserved from light and other damaging particles so you can always cherish the most important dress you’ll ever wear.

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Tip: Be sure to store your wedding gown in a place that won’t change too much in humidity or temperature.

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Wedding Gown Preservation