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Leather & Suede Cleaning

Leather and suede are durable and comfortable fabrics that require special attention. With proper leather and suede cleaning, your designer bags and other fine fabrics will never go out of style. Our family of trained staff at Colwick Cleaners will treat your items with a delicate touch, using our own leather cleaning product, so that you’ll have years of enjoyment to wear fashionable pieces such as leather and suede boots, jackets and more.

Knowing how to clean leather requires special products and training, and we learned these techniques from world-renowned industry experts. With leather cleaning and suede cleaning at Colwick Cleaners, our goal is to restore and rejuvenate your items back to their original look every time!

Tip: Always check the label of your items to determine the type of leather and suede cleaning they need.

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Leather and Suede Cleaning