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Household Items

Make a good impression on your guests as you showcase your freshly-cleaned linen table cloths, wool blankets and cotton guest towels. Family coming for a visit? Then you’ll need our services for down comforter cleaning and blanket cleaning. For added flair, offer your guests brightly-colored cloth napkins, soft cotton washcloths and other smaller household items that can be grouped together for easy cleaning. And don’t forget – we offer dry cleaning delivery service for quick laundry and less headache!

Make your living space as inviting and friendly as possible. Remember to bring us the slipcovers from your couch pillows for routine cleaning. Let us remove stains from the quilt you have draped over your sofa. The decorative accents in your home will truly stand out once they receive the Colwick treatment!

Down comforter cleaning is laborious and time-consuming, but not for the professionals. Along with tablecloth cleaning, Colwick Cleaners can improve the look and feel of your sleeping bags and bedspreads, using the same environmentally-safe cleaning technology we use on your clothes to add a fresh look, giving you peace of mind that your household items will shine!

Tip: Save time and money by bringing in your entire bedroom ensemble for dry cleaning service, instead of bringing individual pieces in separately.

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Household Items