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Fine Garment Cleaning

Fine garment cleaning requires special care. Your delicate clothes will receive the royal treatment at our Charlotte dry cleaning location where we pre-treat spots and stains, and then use environmentally-safe processes and non-toxic solvents to provide a fresh cleaning agent. Fresh soap and sizing products will preserve your fine garments for long-lasting wear.

When we gently clean your bright linen pants, colorful silk blouses and smooth velvet jackets, we’re treating these items just as carefully and thoughtfully as we do when performing our refined leather and suede cleaning. This type of fine garment cleaning is what our family and staff at Colwick Cleaners does best so you can continue to treasure your beloved designer suits, light cotton dresses, cashmere cardigans and more.

Tip: For details on how to care for cotton, linen and rayon, view our Care Tips section.

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Fine Garment Cleaning